Week Three – Let It Be

So there’s these four guys. They play guitar and drums and they sing a bit. They’re enthusiastic enough, but time will tell if they can make anything of themselves.

You probably haven’t heard of them; they’re a little known pop combo with a few catchy songs. What was their name? Oh, I think it was The Beatles. Ring any bells?

…Fair enough, I didn’t get to see The Beatles for real, but Tuesday night at The Mayflower theatre in Southampton, I think I experienced something close enough.

To be honest, I’ve never really classed myself as a big Beatles fan. They’ve always just been there. My mum absolutely adores them, so I suppose in a way, as a teenager, I felt I couldn’t possibly love them as well. I had nothing against them, but there was no love there for me.

My beautiful cousin Rachel organised a family outing as a present. Rachel, Karen and myself braved the freezing winter weather to make our way to see the show “Let It Be” (on at The Mayflower theatre until Saturday 23rd January (https://www.mayflower.org.uk/Whats_on/LetItBe2016) . I turned up excited, as always, to see my lovely cousins and to have a nice night out. I knew that it was a celebration of Beatles music and that it’d been on at the West End, so I presumed it was going to be good.

It was very good.

It was like going back in a time machine to see the hits performed as they would’ve been throughout various points in the history of The Beatles. The music was accompanied by news reel, adverts, costumes and crowd shots all to encapsulate the atmosphere of the time.

And the music was fantastic. The guys playing the band were brilliant musicians and seemed to be having a blast with every note they played. I particularly loved the talent poured into ‘While My Guitar Gently Weeps’. Now, I know it sounds ridiculous to say because they are The Beatles, but they had some bloody good songs right?

And I’ve just realised that even though I didn’t think I loved The Beatles, in fact, their constant presence in my life means that their songs are linked to my memories and as such, I love the magic their music invokes for me.

Here’s just a selection of memories:

I want to hold your hand – The song my mum used to sing to her baby brother, my uncle. Although I wasn’t there to witness this, the song conjures wonderful images in my mind.

Yellow Submarine – Playing my yellow (obviously) cassette on my chunky, brown Fisher Price cassette player and singing along at the top of my voice to words I didn’t really understand.

Penny Lane – Finding a completely bashed up, dirtied, un-sleeved single of this and Strawberry Fields (which I wasn’t so keen on), at the car boot sale and coming home to clean it up and then play it one Sunday afternoon when I had just discovered records.

Twist and Shout – Singing and dancing with my cousins, brother, parents and aunty and uncle at various holiday clubhouses in Devon and Cornwall in our youth.

Hey Jude – The last song played at two of my best friends’ wedding reception. The song that seemed to go on forever and nobody wanted the song, or indeed the moment, to end.

But as always, the good moments have to come to an end. I certainly enjoyed the evening, and it seemed like everyone else who was up on their feet dancing did too. I, for one, was glad when we were encouraged to get up out of our seats. You can’t listen to music like that sat down. And as we were up the back in the cheap seats, and having no jewellery to rattle, we clapped along with ardent glee.



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