Week eight -Amazingstoke

Take yourself back to December time. Christmas is looming.

What do you buy your nearest and dearest to celebrate the birth of Christ?

Why, music tickets of course.

I’ve taken a new route in gift-giving. Whenever possible, I give tickets to shows. After all, there are only so many jumpers and boxes of chocolates you can give. Tickets provide enjoyment way into the new year. This week was a prime example of this.

On Thursday evening, the Isham clan headed up the M3 on a group outing. We were heading to Basingstoke (Amazingstoke) http://www.anvilarts.org.uk to see The Johnny Cash Roadshow. http://www.johnnycashroadshow.com

My dad is a huge fan of The Man in Black. My uncle and my brother are partial to his dulcet tones. I too have a soft spot for the great man. There’s something about his voice and the effortless cool that he injected into every performance that I love.

So I decided to treat the gang to a trip out to see one of the best tributes to him that you can see. The Johnny Cash Roadshow had great reviews and are endorsed by the Cash family. They were certainly a fantastic show. There are so many classic songs and you can’t sit still. It was a little formal sat in effectively a lecture theatre, but I did my best seat dancing. One of my favourites was “Get Rhythm”. It is impossible to sit still during this.


Alas, this version of the song has more crowd participation than we saw, but nonetheless, I had a fantastic time. More importantly, the receivers of my gift tickets seemed to enjoy themselves.

I knew my dad was on form when we first took our seats. He pointed to the double bass resting on the empty stage and said “Woooah, look at the size of that guitar. Who’s big enough to play that?” My father ladies and gentlemen.

He loved the Johnny Cash part of the show. In our post-show review, he did comment that he would’ve liked a few more prison songs. He likes to think he walks on the wild side – he’s living vicariously through the former San Quentin inmate. I’ll indulge him just this once.

Dad also took an (unjustified) dislike to the lady taking on the role of the formidable June Carter Cash. I thought she was pretty good (and she had some lovely dresses) but Dad was not keen. Maybe I’ve unearthed a long standing crush on the real woman and no one can live up to her.

I, for one, loved the whole show. It was good to experience such classic music with my nearest and dearest. It was a toe-tapping spectacle. The hits kept coming. There were even a few obscurities. Any heard of a song called “Brain transplant”? No, me neither, but we were treated to it. And it was amazing!

Johnny Cash was a musical genius, a tortured soul but also a randomly funny, ironic man who never took himself too seriously. He was fantastic at whatever he did. I could listen to whatever he sings.

Watch this video, but be warned, you’ll never un-see it.


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