Week sixteen – House Band

Not every live music experience needs to be in a concert auditorium or a pub venue. This week, I was treated to performances from two very special musicians in a suburban living room.

My dear friend Sophie (once my sworn nemesis – I think I was intimidated by everyone at the age of three) has always been musically talented. She played the violin at school, but on this occasion, after her resurging interest in the piano, I was treated to her twinkling the ivories.

A beautiful, inherited piano now resides in her family living room. Sophie is reminding herself of tunes that she used to play as well as bringing her repertoire more up to date with Rhianna sheet music. The most important thing about the piano is the link between past, present and future. As we talked and she played, Sophie talked with love and admiration about her mum who had the magical ability to play by ear. This is a fantastic skill that most of us can only dream of. She also told me how she’d been trying to teach her seven-year-old daughter Lydia, my God-daughter, how to play. Who knows where her skills will grow to in the future.

The musical genes obviously run in their family as her eleven-year-old son Samuel now took up the musical podium, albeit begrudgingly – he’s not yet reached the confidence to be proud of his skills. He’s been learning guitar at school and along with practising some riffs at home, is now able to play a good tune for everyone’s enjoyment.

I smiled along like a Cheshire cat and clapped enthusiastically like the embarrassing grown up I am as he finished each song. For the little boy I’d seen grow to a young person, to now be playing the music that he likes was a real treat – and a shock that he’s grown up so fast!

I was almost relieved when he started to accompany his mum on the piano with armpit trumpets. Maybe he’s still got some childhood to enjoy. I certainly enjoyed the whole musical ensemble: piano, guitar, armpits and laughter combined.


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