Week eighteen – Name That Tune

Southampton City Centre.

A hazy, sunny Sunday morning.

The heat of the day is increasing with every passing moment.

Everyone is milling about with the excitement of the burgeoning Spring opportunities.

What could make a day like this better?

Why, a brass band of course!

For some reason, a brass band made up of a whole variety of people, old and young, were entertaining the shoppers in the precinct. It’s not usually my music of choice, but on this occasion, it was a blissfully cheerful treat.

The upbeat tempo, the twirling sticks, the shiny brass. Maybe I was drunk on the rare sunshine, or maybe it was just too early for me to fully comprehend what was going on, but I did a little shimmy dance and starting singing along to the brass band version of ‘Rhythm of the Night’. Yes, really.

Although I can’t take any credit for working out what songs they were playing. I thought brass bands played generic brass band songs. Turns out, I was wrong. This brass band played a whole catalogue of modern, pop songs. There was Coldplay, Maroon Five (still shit in brass band form) and even the Frozen soundtrack. Like I said though, I could vaguely recognise the tune, but I couldn’t work out what the actual song was.

This led me to discover that my friend Sophie (previously seen in Week Sixteen) has the much underrated superpower of being able to recognise a song at ten paces. It really is uncanny. A few drums, a few brass instruments and a pair of cymbals and she’s singing along. Whilst I was straining to catch hold of a melody, she was getting ready to join in the chorus.

I know who I want to be paired with when we get invited to appear on ‘Never Mind The Buzzcocks’. Phil Jupitus will be mightily impressed.

This whole surreal Sunday morning experience goes to show that live music, in whatever form, seriously improves your day, your mood and your life in general. The little girl at the front with the cymbals was complaining during a brief break about the heat, but I’m sure along with the rest of the band, she brought a smile to many people walking through the precinct.

I’m not so sure that the people in the shops directly next to the performance area were quite so happy when they’d been treated to ‘Wipeout’ in brass form for the fourth time. But I suppose you can’t please everyone.



One comment

  1. southamptonoldlady · May 18, 2016

    That’s what I love about Southampton – it is great for music. Every type of music from buskin’ jazz to opera!


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